nursing home

Volunteers from local churches, both clergy and lay, conduct regularly scheduled worship services at each of our local nursing/rehab facilities on Sunday afternoons.  Singing, a short Bible Lesson or Sermon, and fellowship.

We have 6 Nursing homes, with services on Sunday afternoons at 2:30 and 3:30, so our nursing homes are divided into three groups of two.  On your Sunday, you would conduct a service at the first nursing home, then there's plenty of time to go to the other one.

Some of our Churches are signed up quarterly, and some monthly. 

NOTE:  Some of the individuals and Churches that have served in the past are no longer able to serve, so WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS.  Please let us know if your Church or organization - or you and some friends - would like to be included on the schedule!

These services are in addition to any that may be conducted by internal chaplains or other volunteers.

NOTE - The current quarterly assignment sheet will be posted here (soon).